What Should You do After a Storm?

We get a lot of storms in the summer in North Carolina. High winds and hail can cause damage to roofs that is often covered by homeowner’s insurance. Even though some of the storms that come through are short and fast moving, but even a few minutes of high winds or hail can cause damage to a roof. Especially since we have frequent storms, it’s very possible to have roof damage after one of these quick severe storms. If you’re concerned that you have roof damage, give Harbeck Roofing & Remodeling a call for your free inspection. There are a lot of factors that go into determining if your roof can be repaired or if needs to be replaced and we are here to talk with you about all of your options.

Get Your Roof Inspected

The best way to know if you have damage is to have your roof inspected. Lots of problems are visible from the roof that aren’t visible on the ground and it’s completely free for us to inspect your roof. After the inspection we will show you pictures of your roof and talk with you about any issues we may have found.

Age of the Roof

We get a lot of calls from people who say they have a leak or missing shingles and their roof is 10 or 15 years old and they have a 30 year shingle so they know they don’t need a new roof. Shingle warranties don’t have anything to do with storm damage. Even if your roof is new, storms can still cause damage. We’ve replaced roofs that are less than a year old and inspected roofs that are 20 years old and don’t have any storm damage. It all depends on the weather specifically at your home as well as the quality of your roof. The only way to determine if you have damage that requires your roof to be repaired or replaced is by having a professional inspect your roof.

Quality of the Roof

Certain types of roofing materials hold up storms better than others. Harbeck Roofing & Remodeling is a CertainTeed Shingle Master and chose CertainTeed as our shingle of choice due to their performance. CertainTeed architectural shingles are heavier and thicker than many other shingle brands, so they stand up better to wind and hail. Metal Roofing is also another great option to withstand severe weather over time. You can have the highest quality materials, but if it wasn’t installed correctly, your roof can still have major problems. While we can’t guarantee you won’t have storm damage to your home, we stand behind our work and provide a lifetime workmanship warranty on our roofs.

Signs You May Have Damage

Missing Shingles

Missing shingles allow a way for water to get into your home. They can also cause a zipper effect in future storms where you can lose more shingles and have more extensive damage. 

Lifted or Wind Creased Shingles

Wind can cause shingles to lift, crease, or break over time. This can allow wind driven rain to infiltrate the underlayment of the roof, which can cause more damage in the future. Lifted shingles need to be addressed before they become a more serious issue.

Leaks or Water Spots on Ceilings/Walls

Leaks are always a sign of a problem. Not only are leaks inconvenient, but they can also cause expensive interior damage to your home. Leaks can be caused by a number of factors and it is important to get them checked out before they cause more damage to the home.


If your home has been impacted by any size hail, you should have the roof inspected to ensure that the structural integrity of the roof is still intact. Hail can also cause damage to gutters and siding, so it is important to have the entire exterior of your home inspected after hail, which we will do for you at no cost.

It is important to get your roof inspected by a local company you trust. After heavy winds or hail, many companies will go door to door offering to file an insurance claim for you. A lot of these companies are not local and they move around the country to areas that have storm damage. If we think that your roof has damage that would qualify for insurance to help pay for the repairs or a new roof, we are happy to help you file your insurance claim and walk you through the process. Give Harbeck Roofing & Remodeling a call to schedule your free roof inspection.