What is a Harbeck Roofing roof?

When most people are looking for a construction company, the two things they find most important are quality work and affordability. Our goal at Harbeck Roofing & Remodeling is to provide superior construction at a fair price. We only use the best materials and experienced crews, but we charge a fair price for the high quality of the work we provide. We stand behind the quality of our work, which is why we provide a complimentary lifetime warranty on our roofs. We offer free upgrades to architectural shingles and never charge for roof inspections.

CertainTeed ShingleMaster

Harbeck Roofing & Remodeling is proud to hold the CertainTeed ShingleMaster credential. “This credential requires a commitment to professionalism and dedication to quality craftsmanship that few other roofing companies demonstrate. Only companies who focus on superior workmanship and customer satisfaction earn the ShingleMaster credential.” Harbeck Roofing & Remodeling employees participate in educational programs from CertainTeed to gain installation and product knowledge. “The ShingleMaster agrees to abide by a code of ethics that covers compliance with applicable laws and requires high standards of workmanship, customer service and business administration.” We are dedicated to providing the highest level of work and service to all of our customers. Source: CertainTeed

Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime workmanship warranty on our roofs. If there is a problem with your roof that was caused by a mistake that we made, we will fix it for you at no cost. Because we are a CertainTeed ShingleMaster, we are able to include the SureStart PLUS 4-Star Warranty on all of our roofs installed with the CertainTeed Integrity Roof System (our preferred method of installation). We include this warranty at no cost to our customers. In the event of a manufacturing defect, the SureStart PLUS 4-Star Warranty fully covers materials, labor, tear-off, and disposal expenses for up to 50 years. We stand behind that quality of our roofs, which is why we offer these warranties at no cost.

What is the CertainTeed Integrity Roof System?

CertainTeed says that their integrity roof system is “a complete approach to long lasting beauty and performance. It combines key elements that help ensure you have a well-built roof for long-lasting performance.”

1. Waterproofing Underlayment

We install a self-adhering underlayment called an ice and water shield to all vulnerable areas of your roof. This is a rubber membrane that prevents water from penetrating your roof. We apply an ice and water shield in valleys and all potential leak points, such as around chimneys, pipe boots, vents, and headwalls. This is not a building code requirement in central or coastal North Carolina, but we know that applying the ice and water shield results in a superior long-lasting roof, which is why we do this upgrade on our roofs. It helps to prevent leaks from wind-driven rain and ice dams.

2. Water-Resistant Underlayment

We use a synthetic felt underlayment that provides a protective layer over the roof deck and is a secondary barrier against leaks. A synthetic felt underlayment is more expensive than a traditional felt underlayment because it is a more durable superior product. A felt underlayment is prone to tearing in wind during a roof installation and will absorb water and moisture. Synthetic felt underlayment holds nails better than traditional felt, repels water instead of absorbing it, and has a non-skid surface that makes if safer to walk on the roof during the installation process.

3. Starter Shingles

“Starter Shingles are the first course of shingles that are installed and designed to work in tandem with the roof shingles above for optimal shingle sealing and performance.” The starter shingles are designed to provide water and wind protection at the eaves and rakes of the roof. Many companies will not buy the specialty starter shingles and will take regular shingles, flip them upside down, nail that down as the starter, and then start to install the shingles over that. The problem with this method is that it doesn’t allow the first row of shingles to adhere properly and will often result in leaks or lifting shingles in high winds.

4. Shingles

“CertainTeed has a broad line of shingles. The right shingle can mean the difference between an average, everyday look or a beautiful roof that’s the talk of the neighborhood.” The two types of shingles that we use the most are CertainTeed Landmark and CertainTeed Landmark Pro. Landmark shingles have a 10 year algae resistance warranty and Landmark Pro has a 15 year algae resistance warranty. Because we use a 6 nail pattern on all of our roofs, both the Landmark and Landmark Pro shingles have a 130mph wind rating.

5. Hip & Ridge Caps

These are special shingles, that are specifically designed to cover the more aggressive angles of hips and ridges without cracking or breaking and also give the roof its full 130 mph wind rating. Shingles not designed specifically for hips and ridges can reduce the wind rating of the whole roof.  “These shingles when used on the roof’s hip and ridge line provide a distinctive finishing touch on your new roof.”

6. Ventilation

“A roof that breathes is shown to perform better and last longer. Ridge Vents, in combination with Intake Vents, allow air to flow on the underside of your roof deck, keeping the attic cooler in the summer and drier in the winter.” We replace the existing ridge vent on all roof replacements. We know that proper attic ventilation is one of the key aspects to a long lasting, which is why if you do not already have ridge vent, we install it at no additional cost. Source: CertainTeed

Project Managers

Quality workmanship and customer service is extremely important to us at Harbeck Roofing & Remodeling. We have experienced and highly trained Project Managers on site at all roof installs to oversee the installation process. We extensively vet our crews, and we only work with the most experienced crews. Our crews have an eye for detail, have pride in their work, and will not do anything less than perfect.