Signs Your Home May Have Storm Damage

You should have your home inspected after any severe weather event. Storms can cause damage to your home that can lead to costly repairs if the damage isn’t fixed in a timely manner. Homeowner’s insurance will cover the costs to repair storm damage to your home. Here are some signs that your home may have suffered storm damage, and it’s time to call Harbeck Roofing & Remodeling for a free home inspection.

Missing Shingles

When there are shingles missing from your roof, it is very important to call for a roof inspection. Missing shingles allow a way for water to get into your home. They can also cause a zipper effect in future storms where you can lose more shingles and have more extensive damage. 

Lifted or Wind Creased Shingles

Wind can cause shingles to lift, crease, or break over time. This can allow wind driven rain to infiltrate the underlayment of the roof, which can cause more damage in the future. Lifted shingles need to be addressed before they become a more serious issue.

Lifted Ridge Vent or Missing Ridge Cap Shingles

Improperly installed ridge vent can be prone to lifting in the wind due to storm events. Ridge vent is key to proper attic and home ventilation, but lifting ridge vent can allow water to enter your home with wind driven rain and cause interior damage. If you notice that your ridge vent is lifting, you need to call for an inspection. 

Leaks or Water Spots on Ceilings or Walls

Leaks are always a sign of a problem. Not only are leaks inconvenient, but they can also cause expensive interior damage to your home. Leaks can be caused by a number of factors and it is important to get them checked out before they cause more damage to the home. 


If your home has been impacted by any size hail, you should have the roof inspected to ensure that the structural integrity of the roof is still intact. Hail can also cause damage to gutters and siding, so it is important to have the entire exterior of your home inspected after hail.

Harbeck Roofing & Remodeling offers free inspections for the entire exterior of your home. If you had hail or strong winds at your house, it’s always a good idea to call for a free home inspection to verify that you don’t have damage.