Frequently Asked Questions

We typically start jobs within 4 to 6 weeks after the contract is signed and the deposit is paid. For emergency repairs of an active leak, we usually get those done within a 1 to 2 weeks, if the materials are available. If you have a leak, we will tarp your roof for you at our initial inspection to keep it from leaking until the repairs are made. The biggest problem everyone in the industry is facing right now is material availability. Depending on how long it takes the materials you choose to come in, it could be less than a month or 2 to 3 months before we are able to start the job. If getting your roof done sooner is more of a priority than the color or type of roofing material, please let us know and we can talk with you about what options are readily available.
When we tear off your old roof, there is close to a ton of roofing material coming off your roof. It will look like a mess during the day, but before we leave you won’t be able to tell we were even at your home. We place tarps around your home to protect landscaping from roofing materials. We use a roller magnet in the grass, driveway, and sidewalk to pick up nail. We use a hand magnet in the flower beds to clean up nails.
We use a dump trailer to remove all your old roofing materials. We will bring the trailer either the morning we start your job or the night before. Then we take the trailer away when the job is complete with all the trash. On rare occasions we may need to use a dumpster, but that would be discussed with you before on a case by case basis.
Unless your insurance company specifically tells you to get quotes, which they rarely do, you do not need to get quotes for a job that will be paid for by your insurance company. When the insurance adjuster comes out to your house to inspect the damage, they will write up a scope of work with the approval. In the scope of work, they list the amount that everything will cost. They also break this down by what the insurance company will pay and what amount you will pay directly to the company doing the work, also known as your insurance deductible. When you sign up for your insurance, you decide what amount you’re going to pay for your deducible and agree to pay that deductible when you have an approved insurance claim. If you find a company that will do the work for less than the insurance company says they are going to pay, you will not be allowed to keep the difference. After we complete a job, we send the insurance company a detailed invoice of the work completed as well as pictures of the job for them to release the final check. If we do the job for a lower amount than the insurance company says that it will cost, that comes out of the portion the insurance company pays, not your deductible. If you try to tell your insurance company that we did it for one price, but we really did it for another, that is insurance fraud. When we do an insurance job, we do it for the amount the insurance company says it will cost. Any other price will be considered a retail job and we will not invoice insurance.
How long your job will take depends on a lot of different factors, such as, size, materials used, or what kind of repairs are needed. A typical shingle roof replacement takes between 1-3 days. We will be able to give you an idea of how long your job will take before we start, but it can vary depending on unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes when we take off a roof, we discover additional problems that need to be addressed, which could potentially add an additional day or two.

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